trailer wraps

trailer wraps

Trailer Wraps from Transport Graphics

Whether you use it or not, your trailer is a billboard. Transport Graphics wraps all sizes of trailers and does it better! Our attention to detail is unmatched. Our advanced processes reduces or eliminates vinyl overlaps. Hardware and screw removal procedures at Transport Graphics drastically improve the look and durability of your wrap.

No job is too big or too small. Our 15,000 square foot climate controlled facility was designed to wrap trailers year round. We keep our shop clean and at the perfect temperature and humidity to insure you won’t get graphic failure from the install conditions. We have expanded cleaning capabilities to deal with oxidized trailers. Our experience sets us apart.

Machines & Materials Matter

Our use of high quality 3M Controltac cast vinyl films and 3M certifications insure your wrap will go the distance. We use 3M UV film overlaminates to protect your wrap. Large fleet wrap companies tend to use liquid overlaminates to control cost, but they do not offer the same protection as a UV film overlaminate. These liquid laminates also greatly increase the removal time. Liquid laminates are simply an inferior product and cause headaches in the long run.

Our use of HP Latex printers gives a great advantage. We rigorously maintain our machines. We calibrate our printer’s color profiles with a spectrophotometer. Our printheads get changed out monthly. This insures consistent color and print quality. Solvent ink-jet printers use the same printheads for several years and are often run with missing jets. Imagine running a desktop inkjet printer for 3 years on the same printheads! Not good.

printer calibration

trailer rehab

Trailer Rehab

An old trailer isn’t any smaller than a new one. Make that square footage work for you again. Let us wrap that old ugly trailer and make it look new again! Graphics work for you around the clock and can be your most cost effective advertising piece. You don’t have to buy new trailers to make sure your reputation is in tact when your trailer pulls into your customer’s parking lot.

Unique Solutions

When we were asked to wrap the roofs of 3 trailers for Paul McCartney’s 2005 tour, we jumped at the chance. We worked with the logistics personnel to coordinate installation of the trailers during a short stop. Their were unique challenges involved with wrapping trailer roofs, but Transport Graphics was up to the challenge!

Fueliner came to us with a name and nothing else. We were asked to help them develop a logo and branding for their new name and translate that to their tanker trailers. We went one step further and created a solution integrating 3M reflective vinyl on top of a nonreflective background to make their logo jump out even at night. Their graphics never stop working thanks to Transport Graphics!

Paul McCartney trailer wrap


Certifications Matter

Beyond our attention to detail, we have over 50 years of combined experience in vehicle wraps & fleet graphics. Any company can buy equipment and wrap film, but it takes a lot of work and experience to become certified. Not only are we a 3M Authorized Scotchprint Graphics Manufacturer, but we took that one step further and became 3M MCS Warranty Certified. This gives us a serial number and the ability to offer our customers the added coverage of 3M’s premium Matched Component System warranty. We are also a 3M Certified Installer and have been since 2009.

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