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Emergency Responder Graphics

Transport Graphics has been on the leading edge of emergency graphics for over 25 years. These are vehicles that respond to emergencies every day and need durable, rugged graphics. Downtime for graphic repair is not an option. Transport Graphics has always been up to the task. Our attention to detail truly sets us apart and that comes through in the finished product. Our unique designs help us create a look that reflects the values of your town or agency. From cars and SUVs to boats and aircraft, Transport Graphics has you covered.

Reflective Graphics

When responding to an emergency, being seen means being safe. Reflective materials are far different than standard opaque films and require a higher level of skill to work with. Reflective films can have metal in the base layer, or a more rigid top layer. They need to be installed in a specific manner and failure to do so will cause a failure and can put you at risk. Down time is not an option for a lot of emergency responders, so a failure has more impact.

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police car door wrap

Details Make the Difference

It is all of the details that separate Transport Graphics from the competition. We take extra steps to insure that we don’t need to trim with a blade on your painted slat doors of fire trucks. We take more detailed measurements on our templates to avoid unnecessary overlaps.

Major manufacturers of squad cars stopped offering white painted doors in 2011. Graphics companies had to figure out how to offer white wrapped doors. From the beginning Transport Graphics was a cut above the competition. While other companies precut a hole for the door handle to come through, we removed door handles and reinstalled after we wrapped the door giving the true look of paint.


Certifications Matter

Beyond our attention to detail, we have over 50 years of combined experience in vehicle wraps & fleet graphics. Any company can buy equipment and wrap film, but it takes a lot of work and experience to become certified. Not only are we a 3M Authorized Scotchprint Graphics Manufacturer, but we took that one step further and became 3M MCS Warranty Certified. This gives us a serial number and the ability to offer our customers the added coverage of 3M’s premium Matched Component System warranty. We are also a 3M Certified Installer and have been since 2009.

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