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What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is covering a large portion of a vehicle’s surface with a graphic film. You may hear it referred to as a “vinyl wrap”, however not all films are vinyl. Polyvinyl chloride is the most common wrap film, however newer technology has allowed for urethane films. Some reflective films have a polyester face stock for a rigid durable finish.

The paint surface must be in good shape for a vehicle wrap to have a long life and the look and feel of paint. Imperfections in the paint that can be felt by hand will likely be visible in the wrap. Most of our wraps are printed on 3M Controltac film and Laminated with 3M UV protective film overlaminate. This will protect the surface from UV fading, light abrasion, and chemicals. The laminate layer will also lower removal time at the end of the graphics life.

How long will my wrap last?
Different graphic films are meant to last for different periods, but a high quality 3M graphic film with laminate should last over 5 years when installed properly. The Controltac adhesive is a removable adhesive meaning it is meant to come off with heat without damaging the painted surface of the vehicle.

Vision Print Window Film

We can carry the graphics on some of your windows as well. Our Vision Print window film has perforations that allow you to see through the film from inside and carry the graphic on the outside. Most graphic companies print on the film and install it without an overlaminate to save money. This is DANGEROUS! When it rains, water gets trapped in the holes and makes it impossible to see out! We use an optically clear overlaminate on all of our Vision Print for vehicles. Also trim in and use an edge seal tape per 3M’s specifications on windows that open and close.

wrap for any budget

wrap for any budget

The Look and Feel of Paint

For years vinyl was seen as inferior to paint. Today with modern technology, vehicle wraps have caught up! The most important factor to a show quality finish is the installation. Our 3M Certified Installers are have the knowledge and experience to take your wrap to the next level. There are times when badging, lights, and molding need to be removed to give your wrap the true look of paint. Our shop is set up with the equipment to remove items necessary and our installers are experienced in these procedures.


Certifications Matter

Beyond our attention to detail, we have over 50 years of combined experience in vehicle wraps & fleet graphics. Any company can buy equipment and wrap film, but it takes a lot of work and experience to become certified. Not only are we a 3M Authorized Scotchprint Graphics Manufacturer, but we took that one step further and became 3M MCS Warranty Certified. This gives us a serial number and the ability to offer our customers the added coverage of 3M’s premium Matched Component System warranty. We are also a 3M Certified Installer and have been since 2009.

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