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Vehicle Wraps from Transport Graphics

A wrap is covering part or all of a vehicle with a wrap film. Films can be digitally printed for custom graphics or solid color specialty films. In advertising it’s all about getting attention and vehicle wraps definitely get noticed. The days of the Yellow Pages are gone. Savvy business owners are getting there vehicles wrapped and using them as part of their social media presence. A wrap takes a vehicle and turns it’s surface into valuable advertising area that you can park wherever people are. We can take ideas and make them move! Wraps are not just for work. There are finishes that you just can’t get with paint. Matte, metallic or chrome colors can create a stunning new look for your vehicle.

Transport Graphics Does It Better

Transport Graphics has been wrapping vehicles for over 20 years. We helped shape vehicle wraps and set the standards for quality. From the beginning we separated ourselves from the competition. We specialized in vehicle wraps while other companies viewed it as a fad. They set limits because of the limited resources they devoted to vehicle wraps. We were able to set the bar far higher and exceed our customers expectations. We regularly removed badging, door handles, & hardware to give our wraps the look of a custom paint job. With trailers, we often pull screws and reinstall them to improve the look and durability. We use only the highest quality films to offer our customers another level of durability.

Unbeatable Value

Media Asset Value Comparison

Cost Per Thousand Impressions

Television $23.70
Magazine $21.46
Newspaper $19.70
Prime-Time TV $18.15
Radio $7.75
Outdoor $3.56
Vehicle Fleet Graphics $.48

*3M Graphics Market Center
*Based on 61 million Prime DEC annually average of top 40 media market from Media Buyers Guide.
*Based on cost of test trucks

wrap for any budget

A Wrap for Any Budget

Don’t be frightened off by someone’s experience elsewhere. Our pricing and proofing system insures you will know what your graphics will look like and the price you will pay. Stunning looking graphics don’t have to break the bank either. We can design a wrap or partial wrap that looks stunning and fits your budget. With our premium 3M materials, you can be sure your wrap will stand the test of time. Cheaper material may seem like a good deal, but if they only last half as long as premium film you are coming out behind. Inferior graphics are also harder to remove and removal takes time and costs money as well.


Certifications Matter

Beyond our attention to detail, we have over 50 years of combined experience in vehicle wraps & fleet graphics. Any company can buy equipment and wrap film, but it takes a lot of work and experience to become certified. Not only are we a 3M Authorized Scotchprint Graphics Manufacturer, but we took that one step further and became 3M MCS Warranty Certified. This gives us a serial number and the ability to offer our customers the added coverage of 3M’s premium Matched Component System warranty. We are also a 3M Certified Installer and have been since 2009.

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