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Specialty Wraps from Transport Graphics

Do you have some wild ideas? Something crazy to wrap? From show pieces to prototypes, we have the knowledge and experience to help you. We can template out almost anything and wrap things that make other shops shudder. We have access to urethane films and overlaminates that can expand what can be wrapped, and how long it will last. We also have 12 mil thick motomark overlaminates and high bond films to aggressively adhere to plastics low energy surfaces. More importantly, we have the experience to choose the correct material and protections for your application.

The Ones You Trust

When you have a specialty wrap and a strict deadline, Transport Graphics are the ones you call. Top brands trust us to make them look good and hit the deadlines for events across the country. The core of any project is the template and accuracy is key. You don’t want a critical piece of your art being obstructed by a door handle or seam. Our process is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to make them look good.

specialty wraps

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Custom Sled Wraps

The conditions don’t get much worse than sub zero temperatures at more than 70 miles per hour in lap traffic. Transport Graphics sled wraps are tough enough. Sponsors are depending on their logos looking great race after race. Our specialty films and overalaminates with our custom templates and trick designs will make you stand out from the pack.


Certifications Matter

Beyond our attention to detail, we have over 50 years of combined experience in vehicle wraps & fleet graphics. Any company can buy equipment and wrap film, but it takes a lot of work and experience to become certified. Not only are we a 3M Authorized Scotchprint Graphics Manufacturer, but we took that one step further and became 3M MCS Warranty Certified. This gives us a serial number and the ability to offer our customers the added coverage of 3M’s premium Matched Component System warranty. We are also a 3M Certified Installer and have been since 2009.

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